FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Seven-year-old Lexi recently wrote a book about her mom Alicia, who died about eight months ago. The book celebrates her mother’s short life and explains why Lexi considers her a hero.

“My mommy was a donor. That is when somebody gives their organs to someone so they can live,” said Lexi, reading from the book. She gave many organs and helped people live. This makes my mommy a hero because she helped save lives by giving her organs to people who needed them to live longer.”

Lexi’s mom was 24-years-old when she became an organ donor. Just months before her death, Alicia had told her mom that if anything ever happened to her, that’s what she wanted.

“She put it on her driver’s license. It’s something she talked to me about,” Rebecca explained. “She donated her heart, her right lung, both kidneys, her pancreas, her liver, and her intestines. So she saved 5 lives.”

Through their grief, Rebecca and Lexi are comforted in knowing that Alicia is living on through others.

“Many people wait a long time for an organ. They might be a daddy, mommy, brother, sister, grandpa or grandma,” Lexi’s book continues. “They are part of someone’s family. They are all loved by someone. I am proud of my mommy because she loved to help others to live longer. She was a hero. Everybody can be a hero.”

April is National Donate Life Month. To find out more about becoming a donor go to For information about becoming a living donor, call the Lutheran Transplant Center.