BLUFFTON, Ind. (WANE) – A 12-year-old Bluffton boy’s heroic actions may have saved his mother’s life.

Kristi Pugh is diabetic and had a stoke back in May. Tuesday, she had a life-threatening episode and thankfully her son was there to help her get to the hospital.

“I was sitting on my bed until I heard my mom call me so I went to her and she said she wasn’t feeling well and her blood sugar was really low,” Kristi’s son Julian said.

12-year-old Julian Pugh rushed to his mom.

“I guess I was told I was kind of hysterical,” Kristi said.

Kristi Pugh had just returned to work on Tuesday and her blood sugar dropped drastically when she arrived home, putting her life in danger.

She says things were foggy after dinner when she checked her blood sugar.

“I don’t remember a whole lot after that. Just what I was told,” Kristi Pugh said.

When Julian found her in that state he stepped into action and called 9-11. He says the experience was scary.

“It was. I didn’t want my mom to die and also I thought she could maybe have a stroke,” Julian Pugh said.

Julian anxiously awaited for EMS to arrive to help his mom.

“I was waiting out back. I went outside. and going in going out, checking if she’s okay and waiting for the ambulance to get here. Then, she needed something to eat so I gave it to her,” Julian Pugh said.

Fortunately, because of Julian’s actions she was released from the hospital today and is on the mend.

“He’s an amazing boy,” Kristi Pugh said.

And Julian echoes that same sentiment.

“She’s my mother and I didn’t wanted to make sure she’s alright and not hurt at all,” Julian Pugh said.

And Kristi says she couldn’t have asked for a better, more caring son.

“He saved my life,” Kristi Pugh said.