Tutors see increase in demand during pandemic schooling


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — School districts have gone on record saying that in-person learning is always better when it comes to teaching students. But some students are still learning remotely and tutors are helping fill in the gap.

As some students continue to spend their semester learning from home, tutoring services are seeing an increase in requests for help.

“I’ve received maybe once or twice a week voicemails from parents who are fatigued, who are frustrated who don’t know what to do or out of answers, ” said Alexia Martin, Education Coordinator for Urban Ministries through City Life.

Martin said they have seen frustrated students, and Tutor Doctor Fort Wayne President Richard Heller said that parents are also frustrated.

“A lot of times the parents are at home, working their own jobs from home,” said Heller, who opened the Fort Wayne Tutor Doctor franchise in October 2020. “So if you think about it, they’re both disrupting each other.”

This is especially the case if parents if do not understand the lessons their children are learning.
Martin says families seek tutoring because it gives students that one-on-one atmosphere that focuses on individual needs, whereas classroom teachers must split their focus among a group of students.

“It’s not about everyone, it’s about each one,” said Martin. “Each one of us needs to reach each one of the kids, and we’re not trying to just do a program, we’re not running a program, we’re building relationships building connections.”

Tutors are also about to take the time to break each assignment down and work at the student’s pace.

“The benefit of that outside person is the person that’s going to help you through, that’s gonna sit there and go, you know what, it’s okay,” said Susan Huller, a tutor for Tutor Doctor. “It’s just math, or it’s just an English paper and we can get through it and we’re gonna follow these steps and you know we’re gonna do it one at a time and it’ll be okay.”

Heller believes that they will continue to see an increased need for tutors even once the world moves past the pandemic.

“I totally anticipate that even when we do come out of the pandemic, this has put a lot of our kids behind,” said Heller. “I think this is going to be an ongoing, we’re going to have an ongoing need for a good tutor.”

You can learn more about the Tutor Doctor on their Facebook page.

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