Woman seeks answers from jail over COVID-19 protocols

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – One woman is seeking answers from the Allen County Jail over COVID-19 protocols.

“I don’t think I am going to make it out of here alive”, is part of the message that Kathryn Pearson received from her loved one who is currently incarcerated at the county jail. In an email, he stated that he is afraid of the lack of concerns for inmates during the pandemic.

Kathryn Pearson reached out to WANE 15 with her concerns about Allen County Jail’s handling of inmates during the pandemic. Her loved one who is on the inside stated that he wonders if he will make it out alive because he and multiple inmates on his cell block are currently ill.

“They take the temperature, [he says] if you test with the temperature two times in a row, then they will take you off the block,” Pearson explained. “This is a serious matter and if it was their loved one in there they would want to see some compassion.”

Pearson further explained that one of her biggest concerns is that inmates are allowed to wear face coverings when they are not in the facility, but aren’t allowed to wear them “on the block”.

The spokesman for Allen County Sheriff’s Department, Captain Steve Stone, told WANE 15’s Briana Brownlee that if an inmate is ill and has signs or symptoms of COVID, they are immediately tested and isolated. He added that if an inmate has a non-COVID related minor illness they are seen by the nursing staff and the situation is then addressed.

He confirmed that all inmates that are quarantined upon arrival to the facility are required to wear face coverings, and face masks are required when an inmate departs.

However, Pearson believes that there should be stricter protocols for officers because she believes they are the ones bringing it into COVID.

“The inmates who have been there three or six months they have not been outside to be exposed. You quarantine the new inmates, but yet we still have inmates contracting it, “Pearson said. “So that leaves me to believe that somewhere within the employees it’s being brought in.”

Captain Stone mentioned that the jail holds 732 inmates and now has a population of 743, and all inmates have access to cleaning supplies.

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