15 Finds Out: What to do if confronted with aggressive dog

15 Finds Out

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With the weather getting warmer, more people are heading out and enjoying the sunlight with their furry friends. What do you do if the unexpected happens and an unfriendly dog comes towards?

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control says if you find yourself in this scenario, do not run. Find a place to hide like the back of a pick up truck to put something between you and and the animal. Additionally, offer something like a coat, jacket or even a backpack to the animal. It’s also a good idea to carry treats with you on walks so you can throw the treat to get that dog’s attention.

“You never want to put your hands in the middle of a fight. You never want to break them away with your hands. You need to yell for help,” says Holly Pasquinelli, Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control. “Again if there a pick up truck, there’s a trash can, if you can lift your dog and put them out of that dogs sight… you just wanna try and remove that visual stimulation of being able to see your dog.”

If a person is bit by a dog, Pasquinelli says that they should follow these steps:

  1. Get to a safe space
  2. Receive any medical attention needed
  3. Call the Fort Wayne Animal Control at 260-427-1244 so they can try to find the animal
    • “State law requires [that Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control be the] investigating party for all bites in our county. So, we have to have a record of all of those bites, and that dog would have to quarantine,” Pasquarelli said.

Pasquarelli adds that it is against the law to walk without your dog on a leash.

If your dog escapes your yard, and you need help finding where they are escaping from or can’t stop them from escaping, contact Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control for assistance.

“We also have our behavior help program where you can get a $50 certificate toward working with a certified dog trainer. They can help address some of those issues that you’re having with your dog in your home,” she says.

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