GALIEN, Mich. (WANE) — While you don’t often think about decorating for Christmas until November, Christmas Tree farms think about Christmas all year round.

For Pinecrest Christmas Tree Farms in Galien, Michigan, their holiday season begins in September. It is what Kris Goodenough, Assistant Manager, Pinecrest Christmas Tree Farms calls “stress time.”

A lot goes into growing the popular Christmas Tree, especially when the weather doesn’t always cooperate. “We did have some dry weather, so we did do quite a bit of irrigating at one point. A lot of people don’t realize we have to irrigate a Christmas tree,” said Goodenough.

Christmas trees need a lot of special care, especially as seedlings where a lot of water is needed. Once planted, the trees take 8 to 10 years to grow to the height of ideal cutting. For those trees that don’t turn out looking so good, Pinecrest recycles them, snipping the individual branches and turning them into the wreaths they sell.

While the trees take years to grow the demand of the season never stops with Thanksgiving weekend being the busiest since Pinecrest began selling trees in 1974.

One thing you may want to watch out for this holiday season is how inflation may be impacting your holiday prices.

“One of the spots we noticed it the most this year would be in the Christmas ornaments we’ve got. The price has gone up drastically from previous years. Everything from fuel, fertilizer,” said Goodenough.

This increase in the cost of tree production may cause some local farmers to have to raise their prices as money doesn’t grow on trees.

If you want to get a fresh tree to bring all the festive feelings into your home check out Visit Fort Wayne’s website to see all the local tree farms to pick from.