Indiana Farm Bureau: Cost of traditional Thanksgiving meal higher than a year ago

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INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) The Indiana Farm Bureau, a membership organization for farmers, has come out with results of its annual survey of the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Despite the pandemic, many people will still be cooking some version of the traditional feast.

The survey was conducted by volunteer shoppers across Indiana who collected prices on specific foods at various grocery stores.

Here are the findings:

  • Despite a pandemic, Thanksgiving food prices increased only slightly in Indiana, when compared to 2019.
  • Hoosier shoppers who opt for the traditional Thanksgiving meal this year can expect to spend approximately 12% more at the grocery store than in 2019 (but less than 1% more than what shoppers paid in 2018).
  • Budget-conscious Hoosiers can expect to spend less than $5 per person ($4.80 to be exact) this Thanksgiving. 
  • If Hoosiers opt for a ham this year (to accommodate a smaller group or save money), they can expect to pay $10.60 for a 4-pound ham.

Because Indiana is a major turkey producing state, the pandemic is having an effect on those farmers:

  • According to the National Turkey Federation, there is an increased interest in smaller turkeys this year, or even turkey breast, due to an increase in smaller gatherings.
  • Most of the turkey produced in Indiana actually becomes deli meat or ground turkey.

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