FORT WAYNE, Ind. — The Summit Athletic Conference approved changing its football schedule beginning in the fall of 2023 to allow teams to schedule more games with teams of comparable classification while protecting rivalries within the conference.

SAC member schools voted overwhelmingly to approve the changes, following unanimous votes by both the member athletic directors and football head coaches. The two most significant changes involve the start of the season and the creation of divisions within the SAC.

The football season will begin with teams playing two out-of-conference games. This allows teams to start the year against similarly competitive teams. The 10 SAC teams will be divided into two divisions designed with school size, roster size and SAC success in mind.

Division ADivision B
Bishop DwengerBishop Luers
HomesteadNorth Side
NorthropSouth Side

During the season, all teams within a division will play each other with one cross-divisional game each week. Weeks 3 and 9 will be all cross-divisional games. Week 7 will be rivalry week. As in the past, the team with the best conference record at the end of the season will be crowned the SAC Champion.

“These changes give teams two games at beginning of the season to iron out deficiencies in preparation for conference play and allows more meaningful games, experiencing quality out of conference opponents in preparation for the IHSAA Tournament,” SAC Commissioner Adam Swinford said. “We believe this new formatwill provide a better experience for our student athletes to learn and excel at their sport while enjoying the experience and competitiveness of playing in the Summit Athletic Conference.”