INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – Starting this upcoming season the Indiana high school boys and girls basketball tournaments will look a little bit different as the IHSAA voted 15-2 to alter the postseason format.

Instead of playing two games at the regional level and one game at semi-state, the IHSAA will now play just one regional game with two contests at semi-state.

According to the IHSAA, a previous survey of Indiana principals, athletic directors, and coaches showed that 73.4% of those polled were in favor of the change.

The IHSAA states that regional pairings will be drawn and announced at the same time as the traditional sectional pairings with two regional championship games being played at the same site and potentially from different classes.

In addition, there will be a blind draw and announcing the semi-state pairings the day after the regional championship games.

Tournament host sites will be approved by the Executive Committee later this fall.

In addition to the boys and girls basketball tournament changes, the IHSAA also approved full membership for Dugger Union, Evansville Christian and Purdue Polytechnic. Those schools become officially eligible to compete in IHSAA state tournaments beginning this fall.

Meanwhile, the committee approved modified restrictions on Indiana schools competing against schools from beyond the 300-mile travel limit. IHSAA schools will now be able to participate against out-of-state schools from beyond the 300-mile limit as long as they are in good standing with their state association, the venue is within the 300 mile limit, is and is sanctioned by the NFHS and IHSAA. Also, Indiana schools may now host out-of-state schools in Indiana from beyond the 300-mile limit as long as they are a member in good standing with their own state association and the event is sanctioned by the NFHS and IHSAA.