FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fifth-ranked Homestead swept Canterbury 5-0 at the Jimmy Clark Community Tennis Complex to earn a sectional crown after a busy day of tennis action on Thursday.

A rain-out on Wednesday forced the semifinals and finals to be played back-to-back on Thursday. Homestead beat Bishop Luers 5-0 in the semis while Canterbury topped Wayne 5-0 to advance.

Girls regionals semifinals are set for next Tuesday at Carroll High School.

Semifinal Results

Homestead ( 5 ) Fort Wayne Bishop Luers ( 0 )

#1 Singles- Ellie Cook (Homestead) vs. Ruthie Burton (Luers)                           (6,0-6,0)

#2 Singles- Anna Topmiller (Homestead) vs. Lindsay Godfroy (Luers)               (6,0-6,1)  

#3 Singles- Layla Kelly (Homestead) vs. Liliana Dippold (Luers)                         (6,0-6,0)  

#1 Doubles- Grace Hansen/Rhegan Zitlaw (Homestead) vs. Rylee Stabler/Beatrice Burton (Luers)               (6,1-6,1)

#2 Doubles- Elaina Schilt/Lydia Stout (Homestead) vs. Benevieve Cicchiello/Alexis Dippold (Luers)             (6,0-6,0)

Fort Wayne Canterbury (5) Fort Wayne Wayne (0)

#1 Singles- Sophia Wallstrom(Canterbury) vs. Nicole Bunkowske (Wayne)            (6,1-6,2)

#2 Singles- Kiran Kulkarni (Canterbury) vs. Aliviah Cartwright (Wayne)                     (6,0-6,0)

#3 Singles- Miyako Semba-Norwalk (Canterbury) vs. Payton Sells (Wayne)            (6,0-6,0)

#1 Doubles- Saranya Suntornpithug/Maya Surendran (Canterbury) vs. Peyton Swinford/Sophia Huff (Wayne) (6,1-6,0)

#2 Doubles- Gabrielle Webster/Nikitha Babu (Canterbury) vs. Salma Vergara/Desaray Lacey (Wayne)                        (6,2-6,2)

Final Results

Homestead ( 5 ) Fort Wayne Canterbury (0)

#1 Singles- Ellie Cook (Homestead) vs. Sophia Wallstrom(Canterbury)                   (6,0-6,0)

#2 Singles- Anna Topmiller (Homestead) vs. Kiran Kulkarni (Canterbury)                   (6,4-6,4)  

#3 Singles- Layla Kelly (Homestead) vs. Miyako Semba-Norwalk (Canterbury)    (6,4-6,3)  

#1 Doubles- Grace Hansen/Rhegan Zitlaw (Homestead) vs. Saranya Suntornpithug/Maya Surendran (Canterbury)                 (6,3-7,5)

#2 Doubles- Elaina Schilt/Lydia Stout (Homestead) vs. Gabrielle Webster/Nikitha Babu (Canterbury)                                   (6,0-6,0)