Bishop Dwenger’s “big hit” belt brings a spark to Saints sideline

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Bishop Dwenger has a lot to be proud of on the football field. The Saints are undefeated headed into week three of the 2021 season and when a player on the team makes a clean and legal big hit, there’s a chance a WWE-styled championship belt is waiting to be awarded to them the next week at practice.

A senior on the defensive line, KJ Tippmann has won the “big hit” belt more times than any other Saints player.

“Two years ago we started it just kind of as a motivation to just be the most physical team in the SAC, and I think it’s really helped us become that team.” Tippmann said.

This belt and brief case combo was made possible from the generous donation of a Bishop Dwenger football alumni. Bo Boreani was recently the recipient of a heart transplant and says that during this process, it was his “old football buddies” that was there for him through the transplant and so he felt this was a good way to give back to the school and program that gave him the gift of friendship.

“It’s a way of giving back, you know, since my heart transplant I died three times they brought me back to life, if something goes bad. These are the guys they’re going to look to because my old teammates back in the day, those are the guys that were there for me on this transplant.” Boreani said.

The belt is detailed with a unique “Saints” designs, signatures from each week’s winner and a special quote Boreani thought these high school athletes would enjoy.

The quote reads, “You’ve got to play this old school game like the other team just hit your momma’ in the mouth with a two-by-four.” For Boreani, it was just a fun way of helping a team that was there for him.

Adam Lee, a senior for the Saints, was the proud winner of this week’s “big hit” moment from Bishop Dwenger’s game against North Side.

“I was just happy to be part of this tradition, you know, I got to sign the belt, and I get to take it out to the game next Friday. It’s just fun.” Lee said.

For the rest of practice this week, Lee will wear a yellow Bishop Dwenger practice jersey that carries significance as well.

“It’s yellow, reminds you a little of snider, but it’s also kind of a caution yellow, you got a little bit of a rivalry color and then you got to the caution yellow and it was just perfect.” Head Coach Jason Garrett said.

While the Saint player wearing the jersey might change week-by-week, the belt and briefcase are here to stay.

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