Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson released a short video Wednesday previewing an interview with former President Trump that’s set to air during the first GOP primary debate.

“Whatever you think of Trump, he is the far and away indisputable front-runner in the Republican race,” Carlson said during the less-than-minute-long video. “So when Trump approached us about having a conversation for a far larger audience than he would receive on cable news, we happily accepted.”

Trump, who has a sizable lead in most GOP primary polls, is skipping Wednesday’s debate, which is being hosted by Fox.

The former president for months has ridiculed the cable news giant, which pulled Carlson off the air in April.

Since being ousted from his prime-time show on Fox, Carlson has started a new video show hosted on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

The pundit’s conversation with Trump is slated to publish as the GOP debate gets underway Wednesday night in Milwaukee.