LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Fans of shows like ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Bridgerton’ can now dive into the experience at the new official Netflix pop-up store.

The immersive experience at the upmarket The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles features huge statues of the creepy Young-hee doll from ‘Squid Game’ as well as ‘Vecna from ‘Stranger Things’ and other Instagram-able photo-ops alongside merchandise for the streamer’s top shows.

“We look at immersive retail and we look at shopping as another touch point with our members around the world and certainly this time of year, people are starting to think about gifts for loved ones, gifts for family and friends and they’re going out and we want to be where they are and we want to offer them opportunities to be a part of these stories they love as much as possible,” explains Greg Lombardo, Netflix’s Head of Live Experiences, as he gives Reuters a tour of the shop, which opened on October 13.

Immersive photo ops also include a scene from Netflix’s big fall fairytale ‘The School for Good and Evil’ which went on release this week. But it’s the hit retro 80’s sci-fi show, ‘Stranger Things’ that gives the most for fans.

“So here we have Vecna looming above us. This is a fan favorite from season four of ‘Stranger Things’ and we wanted to give fans and shoppers a chance to get up close and personal with him and of course, ‘Stranger Things’ as a universe is so incredibly rich and there’s so many elements that we can pull and provide to shoppers as opportunities,” Lombardo adds.

South Korean show ‘Squid Game’ was another big hit for Netflix.

“Here we have the very famous Young-hee doll standing above us, she’s always watching, so fans of the show know sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes that’s a bad thing,” says Lomardo.

Period costume-drama fans are also catered for, with a large section dedicated to the raunchy royal drama ‘Bridgerton’: “”We have a great selection of Bridgerton merchandise available in the store as well – some really fun photo ops. One of the fan favorites is this incredible Bridgerton makeup collection which is entirely inspired by the show and we feature Pat McGrath and her exclusive collection and this has been a really popular item especially with the holidays coming up”, says Lombardo.

The retail experience follows Netflix’s successful immersive fan experiences which proved a hit in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York and will be open until January 6, 2023. Netflix says a special holiday section will also be added in the coming weeks.