HUNTINGTON, IND. (WANE) – Huntington University and Forester Films LLC are back at it again. Coming off of the success of their first featured film Wayfaring Stranger premiere early this summer, the university launched right into the filming of its second feature film, Patterns.

The movie was written, produced and filmed by former Huntington University alumni, as well as current professor and alumnus Lance Clark. The second film is about the story of three estranged siblings who return to their family home after their mother’s death. Over their weekend together, they navigate the challenges of a family that has drifted apart, the memories that haunt the house and their father who suffers from dementia.

actors in featured film
Screenshot from Huntington University featured film Patterns

We chose this film because it deals with issues that so many of us are dealing with in real life. Most people we know have gone through the process of grieving the loss of a family member and/or we know someone struggling with dementia. These characters are much like us: struggling to know how to communicate with one another, wrestling with all of the complexities of our relationships and learning how to cope with grief, forgive one another and find hope for the future.”

Matt Webb, producer and Huntington University alumnus

The first featured film is in the distribution process, meaning they are weighing their options on who will make the film available for viewing. As with the first featured film, Patterns had 24 students and five alumni involved in the creation. You can see the trailer for the first featured film below:

“Huntington is the place where I was able to explore my creativity and start my journey as a director. Coming back here to work with the Capstone students has felt like a full-circle moment.”

Dawn Davis, director of Patterns

Patterns is currently in post-production, and viewers will be able to watch on a tablet or screen in the near future.