In December 2022, FION launched the year’s hottest IP “Avatar” series of products. According to James Cameron, director of Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide, animals and plants on Pandora are huge and glow in the dark because they have developed gigantism and luminescence due to air pollution.

A gorgeous world of Avatar is woven with yarns of eight different colors. 3D aquatic plants on the front are created with time-honored Horsetail Embroidery skills. Horsetail Embroidery, a special craft that has been passed down for thousands of years by generations of Shui women in China.

The process of making a horsetail embroidery work is very complex. It takes a skillful embroiderer with 20 years of experience over 10 hours to finish a piece as small as a child’s palm. FION Avatar series are all from FION Art Studio, and each FION Avatar handbag is created by skilled craftsmen with great patience and dexterity using at least 24 hours.

Established by the first generation of shoemakers in Hong Kong 40 years ago, the FION Art Studio gathers outstanding craftsmen who love leather art and have 20 years of professional experience. FION has adhered to exquisite craftsmanship since its founding. Ingenious designers at the FION Art Studio–an independent leather factory owned by FION–deliver surprise after surprise to customers.