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Tech that helps keep your kids safe at school

School is where you send your kids to learn essential concepts they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Still, for many, it can be scary to be away from your child for most of the day. Luckily, numerous tech products let you check in on your child throughout the day, keep them healthy and ensure they’re safe. We talked to our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about the best tech to keep your child safe at school.

What you should know about school safety tech

Types of school safety tech

  • Location trackers: These devices are an ideal way to keep up with your child’s location. Many require you to be within 30 to 100 feet, but some have unique features that extend their range. For example, Apple’s AirTags can be located hundreds of miles away, so long as they are within Bluetooth range of an iPhone. Thanks to Apple’s “Find My” network, the AirTag can use any iPhone to locate your AirTag.
  • Nutritional aids: When your kid is at school, it’s up to them to take care of their health and wellness. Still, it’s natural to wonder if your child is eating nutritional foods or drinking enough water. Luckily, several tech products can help you keep track of your child’s health.
  • Online safety products: Nowadays, many kids use tablets and laptops as often as they use pencils and paper. Computers are great for accessing tons of information and keeping up with schoolwork, but the internet isn’t always safe. Online safety products can help your child navigate the internet without fear of getting a virus or oversharing personal information.
  • Comfort products: These products are often overlooked but incredibly important. To ensure your kid feels secure and comfortable, you may need to send them to school with something that helps them release nervous energy.

Tech to keep up with your kid’s location

Location trackers let you know your child is still at school. You can use these devices when their school day ends to ensure they come straight home. Additionally, location trackers help your kid find lost items. For example, if they misplace their backpack at school, they can use a tracking device to find it easily.

Per Vazquez, “When considering a location tracker, you should check with your kid’s school to see if they have a specific policy regarding their use. Additionally, it’s important to check with your child to ensure it is OK with them.”

Tech to improve your child’s nutrition

It’s essential that your child stays hydrated throughout the day. Proper hydration is vital for your kid’s overall health, but it also helps them stay focused and improves their cognitive performance. According to the National Institutes of Health, most children get less than 20% of their daily water intake at school. This statistic is alarming, considering most children spend around half their day at school.

Smart water bottles are an excellent way to ensure your kid gets the water they need at school. Many smart bottles sync to your child’s phone, allowing you to track the amount of water they consume each day.

Tech to keep your kids safe online

Since most kids use laptops to do homework, it’s important to consider their safety on your home network. Unsecure networks can allow malicious users to see what your child is doing online. In some cases, these individuals may be able to glean personal information about your kid. 

Securing your home network is vital. Many routers offer subscription services that keep your home network safe. They provide weekly reports via email or notifications that tell you what they’ve blocked. Some router subscriptions include ad blockers that can shield your child from unwanted advertising at a young age. The best routers often include parental controls that let you set restrictions on your kid’s devices.

Securing your child’s device is important as well. Ensure your child’s laptop has antivirus software to prevent ransomware and malware.

According to Vazquez, “The most important thing is to talk to your kid about online safety. Ensure they know that the internet isn’t an inherently safe or private place. The most successful ransomware, malware and phishing attacks typically require someone to click the wrong link or mistake a bad actor for someone they know. That is far more likely than your network security failing. Create a culture where it is safe for your kid to ask about anything. If they aren’t sure about something online, they should feel comfortable double-checking it with you.”

School safety products our tech expert recommends

Sports & Outdoors-Best HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle

HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle

This bottle syncs to your child’s phone via Bluetooth, letting you keep track of their daily water intake. It features a “find my bottle” feature, making it easy to find when it gets misplaced. It knows how much you should drink based on your weight and automatically adjusts goals based on the weather and your activity level.

Sold by Amazon

Toys & Games-Best Appash Fidget Cube

Appash Fidget Cube

Fidget toys are a great way to help kids stay focused and not distract others. This cube has six fidget features that help your child reduce stress and anxiety. It’s available in six color combinations.

Sold by Amazon

Electronics-Best Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

This device can help you keep track of your child’s location. The Apple “Find My” network makes this one of the most reliable trackers. Setup is a breeze.

Sold by Amazon

Electronics-Best Tile Mate Essentials

Tile Mate Essentials 

This pack includes four tile trackers so you can place them in a few of your child’s belongings. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can use these trackers to find your lost phone.

Sold by Amazon

Electronics-Best Amazon Eero Pro 6 Mesh Router

Amazon Eero Pro 6 Mesh Router

This router can cover up to 2,000 square feet. The optional subscription service includes online threat protection, content filters and an ad blocker.

Sold by Amazon

Electronics-Best TP-Link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi System

TP-Link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi System

This system is ideal for homes of all shapes and sizes. It features a top-notch parental-control system that lets you block certain websites and limit internet time for specific devices.

Sold by Amazon

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