Indiana families use digital learning to make flexible schedules

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(WSBT) – The desks are filling up again, but not all children are going back to the classroom. The Indiana Digital Learning School is an online-only option for students and their families.

The Pean family of South Bend has six kids under the age of 10. That means mom, Jude, and dad, Emmanuel have their hands full. So, when it came time for their oldest child to start school, they needed flexibility.

“We wanted to move around because he was young in his career and we were just wanted to be flexible and move from state to state and city to city. We didn’t want to be stuck in one location,” said Jude Pean.

A neighbor introduced the Peans to the Indiana Digital Learning School.

“What we do is provide a routine and consistent school day for students from their home connected with Indiana teachers certified and residence, working through a public school curriculum,” said Elizabeth Slider, Head of Indiana Digital Learning School.

Slider explains the focus of the school is an individualized learning path.

“We do have a flexible option for students who need it. We have a lot of career pathways. We expose students to business, entrepreneurship, marketing, health science, IT,” said Slider.

For the Peans, it’s not just the flexible scheduled, but also the life skills that come from learning in a virtual environment.

“They set their own schedule. They understand that the discipline requires them to do their work and then afterwards they can do whatever they want. They understand that at an early age,” said Jude.

“I really think the pandemic taught us something that those of us in virtual education already knew which is that it’s different and you have to work really hard on providing this type of education well. It is a different thing. Doing both isn’t a viable option,” said Slider.

The virtual school is free for those who live in Indiana. You can enroll your children in the online-only program now. Click here to learn more about the school.

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