FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – “Now hiring” and “help wanted” signs can be seen posted throughout the area. All kinds of companies are looking to hire whoever they can get.

As part of our 15 Days of Back to School coverage, WANE 15 spoke with a Fort Wayne Community School Career Academy that is getting students ready for one of those jobs.

Fort Wayne Community School students have opportunities out there that they might not even know about, a shot at a career out of the gate. It might even be a better choice than college.

It happens at the Career Academy at Anthis downtown, something the people there say is one of the best-kept secrets in the city, despite always being ready to show the place off.

While this has always been the goal of the Career Academy, this kind of program, vocational education, is getting more and more attention, the more need there is for workers.

Career Academy administrators reach out to students in their main schools, to let them know the option is there. They also work with community partners, who advise them on the direction programs should go and offer students opportunities out of the gate.

The high-interest programs include welding and construction trades, as well as cosmetology. They’re also adding a surgery tech program, in an effort to help our local health care providers.