FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Overall local teachers have been very fortunate when it comes to supplies for their classrooms. But, it’s the different ways teachers have had to get creative while doing it.

Two local teachers, one from Southwest Allen County Schools and one from Northwest Allen County Schools both say their districts work with their teachers to make sure they have what they need for the school year.

“I am fortunate for a great PTO that helps out and makes sure we can get everything that we need,” Kindergarten teacher Jamie Schaefer said. “They help us get things for the classroom,” said Schaefer.

But, needs are changing when it comes to the school supplies lists. Local schools have actually had to reduce supply lists for students. Southwest Allen County Schools are asking for just the basic essentials, crayons, scissors, glue, notebooks, and folders.

Heather Brackeen, a second-grade teacher at Whispering Meadows Elementary says there is a need for supplies come mid-school year.

“We have limited things at the elementary level because we found as teachers so much of that we were housing and many not even using all of those things,” Brackeen said. “We have also decided that we just need to ask for things mid-year as opposed to the beginning of the year, there are parents that just say how can I help what is it that you need? There seems to always be these good samaritans that come along and they just buy 5 of something. Here you go use it as you need,” explained Brackeen.

Amazon wish lists have become a useful tool for teachers receiving their school supplies.

“What a gift, it’s like winning the lottery as a teacher,” said Brackeen. “Pipe cleaners and glue and scissors and brads, those things those consumables, those are on my amazon wish list,” Brackeen said. “It’s so nice I have former students that buy things, I have church members who buy things for me, I have current students and then complete strangers that just sometimes find the site,” explained Brackeen.

Some of the hardest things to find right now are crayons and glue sticks.