Running late for school? Here’s 15 tips to get your kids out the door faster

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Parents, do you have a tough time getting your children ready for school? Or maybe they are cutting it close when it’s time to get on the bus?

WANE 15 asked viewers to share their tips on how to get kids out the door faster and make sure they are not running late for school. Here are some of the top tips:

Turn off the screens before bedtime

“They need to have a good dinner. No screen time before bed. This keeps their brain from shutting down. Bed time has to be the same time each night. This may take a while but they will get used to it.” – Tracy S.

Do as much planning in advance

“We get as much ready the night before – showers, clothes laid out, lunch ready as much as possible, backpack packed (except for charging computer). Makes the mornings go smoothly, peacefully and child leaves in good spirits due to not having to rush out the door.” – Diane M.

“Every Sunday night pick out five sets of clothes for the week and hang them all together. Make sure book bags, shoes and socks are put at the front door the night before.” – Theresa H.

Shower before bed

“Something about that helps body temp to sleep well. Lavender essential oil on pillow. No screens or TV for 30 minutes before bed.” – Cindy N.

Set multiple alarms

This is a good idea for heavy sleepers. Set alarms every 5-10 minutes apart in case your child happens to sleep through one (or many) of them.

Stick to a schedule

“Start early with schedules and stick to them, suitably changing bedtimes as they get older. My 12, nearly 13-year old goes to be at 9 p.m. and gets up at 6:30 a.m.” – Veronica E.

Keep it fun!

“We do the phone alarms for when things need to be done to leave on time, and then either make it a competition to try to beat the alarms or we make a plan for something we get to do if we’re ready to go early.” – Katie M.

Don’t forget about breakfast

“I get up an hour earlier to fix a nice protein filled breakfast, as our little one doesn’t enjoy the school breakfasts. It also gives me time to have my coffee and be ready for the day.” – Diane M.

Don’t get frustrated if your kids are scrambling at the last minute

Some days are easier to get out of bed than others. Being agitated or yelling might make things worse and cause your child fall even further behind as they are getting ready for school, a parenting resource, also shares some helpful tips on how to get your kids out the door faster. Some of these tips include:

  • Divide and conquer – Delegate tasks between parents and children
  • Keep chores to a minimum – Save some tasks for after school or even the weekend
  • Let your kids do as much prep work on their own – This will help your child become more independent and ease the burden on the parents
  • Speed things up with music – Play some upbeat music to spring your kids into action
  • Do what you have to do in the car or on the bus – Simple tasks like brushing your hair or putting on shoes can be done in the car if you are running late
  • Put together an emergency pack – Pack some emergency items like a hairbrush, a snack or cash in case your child is running late
  • Take breaks – Waking up before dawn can be exhausting throughout the week. On weekends, it’s okay to sleep in a little bit and take a break from the morning school routine

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