(REUTERS) – Alain Robert, a free climber dubbed the “French Spiderman”, scaled one of Barcelona’s highest skyscrapers on Saturday without a harness. And for the first time ever, the famous daredevil was joined by his son.

Bystanders and police watched as the 60-year-old and his son, Julien Robert, climbed the 472-foot (144-metre) Torre Glories, formerly the Torre Agbar, a glass-covered office building designed by architect Jean Nouvel and famed for its night-time illuminations.

They completed the climb in less than an hour and were met at the top by police, who escorted them down the more traditional way – inside the building.

Julien, who spent eight years in the army and is a keen sportsman, prepared for his first climb by watching videos of his father’s previous ascents.

Alain Robert began climbing in 1975, training on the cliffs near his hometown of Valence in southern France.

He took up solo climbing in 1977 and since then, has climbed more than 150 buildings including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – the Eiffel Tower, and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Robert rarely gets permission and climbs without a harness, using only his bare hands, a pair of climbing shoes, and a bag of powdered chalk.