PHOENIX (CBS) — A pro-life activist was arrested after climbing his way to the top of Chase Tower in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday morning.

The man is identified as Maison Des Champs, who is known as the “Pro-Life Spiderman.” According to his website, he climbs to bring awareness to a charity called Let Them Live.

The charity raises money to relieve women from choosing abortion due to financial burdens.

His goal is to raise $1 million for pro-life charities while inspiring others to speak out against abortion. While he does not recommend others to climb without a rope like himself, he claims that this action is not violating the law.

“In most states, there are no laws against climbing skyscrapers,” Des Champs said. “Usually, I am charged with some form of trespassing or disorderly conduct. However, after further review, my charges are either dropped or easily fought in court.”

There were plenty of responders surrounding the building, both on the roof and throughout the streets. He was met by paramedics when he reached the summit at around 10:45 a.m.

The officers called the situation “very, very dangerous” and offered the man to be in a controlled environment for these escapades.

Chase Tower has been vacant since Oct. 1, 2021.