Video: Cave explorers drop into ‘Well of Hell’

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A group of Omani cavers are believed to be the first ones to have reached the bottom of a mysterious well in Al-Mahra region in Yemen.

Oman Cave Exploration Team descended down into Barhout Well also known as the “Well of Hell” earlier this month and documented their discovery.

From a round aperture of 30 meters (98 feet), the exploration team was able to go down on ropes to reach the bottom of the 100-metre (328-foot) deep sinkhole.

Using surveying equipment, the explorers found dead animals, snake and pearls inside the well.

The glistering cave pearls that shone through the underground waterfalls were new in this geological structure.

There were still more questions than answers about the well amid multiple theories surrounding it and what it hides in its folds.

The latest visit inside the Well of Hell and the findings, however, may dispel some of the myths and local beliefs surrounding the cave.

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