Swedish man walks between two mountaintops on two-inch wide slackline

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Slacklining is a sport that has you balance or walk on a narrow strip of nylon, called a slackline. Now imagine doing that suspended between two mountaintops. That’s called highlining.

Some 2,000 feet above an icy, windy, rock-strewn Swedish valley, German highliner Quirin Herterich moved step by step across a two-inch wide slackline on July 3. He traveled between two mountaintops more than a mile apart, becoming the first of four on his team to set the new world distance record of 1.3 miles.

“So, when I got closer to the anchor of this line, I screamed loudly. I don’t really know why, it’s maybe a mix of emotions,” Herterich said.

Slackliners pride themselves on their safety measures. The preparations for the feat were painstaking. It looks like dare-devilry, but highliners say the sport requires team dedication to safety and a calm, almost meditative approach on that high-rise slackline.

That’s how Herterich did it. “So, I just focused on being very slow, being extremely clean, and just reaching the end,” he said.

The highliners were wearing watches with GPS trackers to measure and verify the distance walked between the two anchors.

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