‘Peanuts’ pen pals find comfort in correspondence

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After Wesley Morgan was furloughed from his job at the Denver International Airport in March, he soon ran out of shows to stream and items to craft, so he began writing to older adults in quarantine using his large Peanuts comic strip stationery collection.

“I work for airport operations here at the Denver International Airport, so obviously when the pandemic started we got hit fairly early on with the furloughs,” Wesley Morgan told The Associated Press.

After a few weeks passed, Morgan says he began looking for a new quarantine hobby.

“A friend of mine one day had mentioned that she was writing to the senior citizens in the retirement home her mother had lived in when she had passed. And she had spent her evening doing that, and it was a nice day and she was sitting out in her yard. And I just thought, ‘What a great way’ to like, I could use up my collection. It was something I could do. I could do it from home, I didn’t have to leave,” he said.

Nancy Sloane, a senior resident at the Brookdale Senior Living center in Denver, is now one of his many pen pals. 

“I got this letter from this man, and I’m like ‘Oh, he’s from Denver, that’s nice!’ And it had all kinds of Snoopy stickers on it. Well, when I was a freshman in college – What, 49 years ago? – I was really into Snoopy,” she said. 

“So, I thought, ‘maybe this is kismet, maybe this is going to be fun.'” 

Sloane is one of 142 older adults Morgan has written to and received detailed responses from during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“They just have so much to share and talk about. That’s been the greatest part,” Morgan said. 

Because many of these seniors have been isolated due to the coronavirus for months, Morgan’s letters have given them great joy. 

Sloane says it cheers her up “that there’s somebody, quite frankly, that cares about me.”

This was an act of kindness Morgan started to try to use up his Peanuts stationery collection and to fill his time. But he says he hopes to continue writing to his new pen pals long after the coronavirus is long gone.

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