(WANE) — In 1954, a high school basketball team from Milan, Indiana, upset state juggernaut Muncie Central High School in the state championship game, becoming immortalized in Hoosier history and later going on to inspire the movie “Hoosiers.”

To honor that legacy, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum (NBHFM) recently unveiled a “bobble” of the Milan water tower that shone as a beacon of the team’s accomplishment.

The bobble is being released in conjunction with Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum and celebrates the anniversary of Milan High School’s championship, which was March 20, 1954.

“The incredible story of Milan’s improbable state title is known by millions of people across the globe, and this new bobble is a great way to celebrate the remarkable feat,” NBHFM co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar said.

Constructed in 1924 and located just outside of Milan’s downtown district, the “most famous water tower in Indiana” has proclaimed Milan’s high school boys basketball state championship since the mid-1950s when the water tower was painted black with white lettering reading “STATE CHAMPS 1954” to honor the team, according to the NBHFM.

before and after images of the Milan Water Tower
These photos show the Milan Water Tower before and after it received renovations.

In 2019, the NBHFM released a different Milan collection that featured bobbleheads of all 12 members of the state championship team.

“The player bobbleheads have been a great success and a fun item for our players and supporters, so we are excited to add the iconic Water Tower Bobblehead to our collection,” the Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum said.

Those interested in purchasing either the water tower bobble or the team bobblehead collection can find them on the NBHFM’s website and the Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum’s website.