(WDBJ) – The teenage dream of a content creator has led him to embark on an experiment, using his body as the subject.

Sam Reid is an athlete-turned-filmmaker with a plan to discover if fast food can actually be healthy. He’s setting out to eat nothing but Taco Bell for 30 consecutive days to see how it affects his health.

“My hypothesis is that healthy fast food can actually help you become healthier,” Reid said.

He said his plan is to eat Taco Bell for three meals each day- a total of 90 meals- and he’s planning to eat every single item on the menu at least once.

Reid plans on visiting multiple doctors during the experiment to track his health.

“I think that would be really beneficial for people to not demonize what they eat or glorify looking a certain way,” Reid said. “It’s more about the relationship that we have with our food.”