Listen: Visitors flock to Siberian zoo to hear tiger cub ‘sing’

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A tiger cub at a zoo in the Siberian city of Barnaul has won admirers across Russia after a video of him emitting sounds that sound like singing was posted on social media last week.  

In the video, 10-month-old Vitas is emitting the strange noises while sitting on a crate.

According to a Barnaul Zoo employee, Vitas exhibited this talent from a very young age to catch the attention of his mother.  

“Once he was playfighting with his brothers and sisters and tried to get the attention of Bagira, his mum,” said Pavel Reznichenko, the deputy director of the zoo’s collection.

“Over time he developed this singing, he was very insistent on it,” he added.

Pavel Fomenko, a world-renowned Russian expert on tigers, compared Vitas’ vocalizations with those of little children before their voice changes as they grow older.

“The sounds he’s making, even by their tone, say that everything is fine with him and he’s communicating with his family, his mother most likely or his siblings,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vitas has turned into the local star of the Barnaul Zoo, with many visitors saying they came to see him sing.

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