JELL-O brand creates at-home Stapler Mold Prank Kit ahead of April Fools’ Day

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NEW YORK (WTEN) — With April Fools’ Day around the corner, JELL-O brand has created an at-home kit with a tasty, fully edible version of the iconic stapler prank seen on the hit sitcom “The Office.”

The month of March marks one year for many offices across the country that were forced to close due to COVID-19. Additionally, March 24 is also the 16-year anniversary of the iconic show set in Scranton, Pennsylvania that reminds us of when the workplace was like a second home for many.

Since offices have been closed, many miss the daily face-to-face interactions with colleagues – and even pranks like the wobbly JELL-O mould Jim Halpert made for Dwight Schrute, using the assistant regional manager’s own stapler as the filling.

The JELL-O gelatin Stapler Mold Prank Kit includes the following:

  • A stapler-shaped JELL-O gelatin mold 
  • Four boxes of lemon and one box black cherry flavored JELL-O gelatin
  • Plus a step-by-step guide to help recreate the prank. 

The kit is also said to come with $60 to cover the cost of the premium subscription service now needed to watch your favorite office-setting show at home.

To enter for a chance to receive the limited-edition JELL-O gelatin Stapler Mold Prank Kit, click here.

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