(KTLA) – Jack in the Box is offering a new deal for its most loyal fans and taco lovers on the heels of Taco Bell’s free tacos promotion.

The fast-food restaurant will give Jack Pack rewards members two free tacos with any purchase every Tuesday, beginning on Aug. 22, a news release said.

Taco Bell is also offering a similar promotion, slated to end in September, to celebrate the freeing of the “Taco Tuesday” trademark after filing a petition in May. Taco John, the company that held the trademark since 1989, decided to relinquish its claim in July.

To celebrate the move, Taco Bell announced it would give out free tacos on select Tuesdays in August and September.

Unlike Taco Bell, however, Jack in the Box announced that its promotion doesn’t have an end date and is valid until customers “run out of hot sauce.”

“We’re picking up where Taco Bell is leaving taco lovers off because Jack in the Box is here for you Tuesday and Tuesnight, not just until Sept. 8,” the release said.