FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Thanks to a microchip, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control (FWACC) helped a man and his service dog reunite two years after they were separated.

According to FWACC, a dog named Cookie was brought to the shelter in April.

After scanning Cookie’s microchip, they learned the dog’s name and information, contacted the man listed on the microchip and sent him a letter saying FWACC had the dog.

FWACC said the owner arrived a few days later to claim the dog, but the address the man provided FWACC belonged to a “place of temporary housing,” which FWACC said was a place that would not accept dogs.

However, the man claimed Cookie was a service dog and that he had the appropriate paperwork to prove it, which would allow the man to keep the dog.

Eventually, officials arranged a meeting between the man and Cookie before he could come up with the paperwork, and a video provided by FWACC showed that when the two were reunited, it was as if they had never been separated.

“[Cookie] came outside with me, and I have never heard so many happy sounds come out of a dog,” one FWACC officer said. “Cookie’s owner was crying with happiness and it was clear Cookie remembered him.”

FWACC said the man was able to provide the proper paperwork and get approval from his housing situation, and FWACC officers brought the man lots of supplies including food, treats, a leash, bowls, blankets and toys.

FWACC also said that Cookie and his owner have since found their own home.