CHICAGO (WBBM) – For Lawndale resident Princess Shaw, shrouding the trees on Douglas Boulevard in Christmas lights is about more than holiday cheer.

“We see it in the other neighborhoods all the time,” Shaw said. “A lot of people from this neighborhood have to go downtown to see holiday lights. We have a beautiful parkway – why not do it in our own backyard?”

Shaw spent the last three years spearheading an effort to bring holiday lights to this part of the 24th Ward. It is a part of the city hit hard by violence and poverty.

“I get tired of seeing the disadvantages that we have in our community,” Shaw said. “I get tired of saying, ‘Why can’t we have nice things in our community, and how can I change that?”

Shaw’s goal is to wrap lights around hundreds of trees on both Douglas Boulevard and Independence Boulevard.

Shaw said she will do her best to get all 500-plus trees in the area wrapped in lights. A ceremony was planned to celebrate on Saturday.