AVON LAKE, Ohio (WJW) – It was perhaps one of the most unusual calls that Avon Lake Police had to deal with this week or this year for that matter. A cat was stuck inside a car.

It’s not unusual for police officers to help a motorist take off a tire to change a flat. But for Avon Lake Patrol Officers Keith Biczykowski and Lynden Ody, one tire removal had a surprise in the wheel well.

The cat was found when a family was leaving Johnny’s Boat House on Lake Road when they heard a cat howling. They discovered it coming from a car that just pulled up next to theirs.

The family called the police, who went the extra mile.

“One officer actually went to his house to get a special lug wrench so they could take the wheel off the car and pull the wheel off and get the cat,” said Lt. Sean Bokelman with the Avon Lake Police Department.

Body camera and witness video show the officers working to get the cat unstuck from the wheel well.

The cat had some injuries so one of the officers placed it in a basket given to them by the restaurant and took it to the Avon Lake Animal Clinic which was just down the road.

No one is sure how the cat got stuck, or how long it was there before it was rescued. The cat is recovering from only a bruised back leg. It will go to a foster family, and then hopefully a forever home that’s not a wheel well in an SUV.