COLUMBUS, Ind. — Archaeologists from the University of Indianapolis have unearthed bones they believe are at least 2 millennia old from a construction site in Columbus, Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said the bones were discovered at the construction site for the city’s new court services center.

The bones are of an adult male, a preteen and an infant. Based on several factors, the archaeologists determined the bones are 2,000 to 3,000 years old. The bones were sent to the University of Indianapolis for analysis.

“The DNR would like to thank the City of Columbus, UIndy, and tribal partners for working together swiftly and effectively to take care of this unexpected situation,” a representative for the Indiana DNR’s Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology.

The center is still set for completion in April 2022, but a Bioarchaeology Monitor is in place to monitor any future excavation in the area.