FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s a short and simple message, but one that can cause a great deal of problems. If you received the text message below, you aren’t alone – cell phone users across the nation are being baited with the same scam.

Text scam circulating across the United States

“We believe that link is some form of phishing, malware, or it could be a virus that is uploaded to your phone or your computer,” said Nichole Thomas, Northern Indiana’s Better Business Bureau’s communication director. “If they were to put a virus on your device that could track your keystrokes, that means they could get your username, password and potentially have access to your financial information.”

The BBB told WANE 15’s Briana Brownlee that frequent online shoppers, people who do a bulk of their business online, and those who sign up for free trials are the main targets. Thomas said that with the pandemic, scammers are aware that more people are at home online shopping and expecting deliveries.

“Anytime you get something like that, we recommend that you don’t click and that you delete that text right away,” said Thomas. “You should also report it to our scam tracker.”

Thomas stressed that communication via text isn’t official. If a package is running late or was not delivered, contact the carrier or retailer.

If you did open the link, the BBB recommends running an antivirus software on your computer and watch for potential concerns on your cellphone.