(NewsNation) — Dozens of chihuahuas and shih tzus were found living in a condemned house in Ohio. All of the dogs, who were found by a probation officer, needed serious help with flea infestations and skin infections, among other issues.

The Licking County Humane Society in Heath, Ohio, took in all 80 pups, cleaned them up and workers there are helping the animals find new homes. Thirty-eight are already adopted or on their way to being adopted.

Elycia Taylor, the program and communications director of the humane society, told NewsNation Friday night that this was worst case her organization has ever dealt with.

“There are a lot of issues that come into play when you deal with hoarding cases,” Taylor said. “When we initially went to the owner of the home, he had told us they were probably only around 30 dogs. So he didn’t even really know what he was dealing with.”

Given their history, the dogs were understandably timid around people at first, Taylor said, but the ones in foster home are already adjusting well.

“Dogs are amazing. They are so easily able to fall in love with humans once again, and they did,” she said.

If you’d like to learn more about the puppies or make a donation, you can follow this link.