Kaitor Kposowa is a reporter at NewsChannel 15. He joined the newsroom in January 2016.

While his parents are from Sierra Leone, Kaitor was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. His first name means “learn and see.”

As he was wrapping up his B.A. in Psychology at Ohio State University, Kaitor decided he wanted to pursue journalism. He believed this line of work fit his passions for people, learning, the media and new experiences. He went on to study an M.S. in Journalism at Ohio University. There, he reported for, produced, and anchored Newswatch, a live news program aired by the local PBS.

When Kaitor is not covering news you can catch him reading, hanging out with friends and family, and keeping up with the world of media and entertainment.

Kaitor is excited to serve the people of Fort Wayne. Never hesitate to share a story idea with him at kaitor.kposowa@wane.com.