(CBS) During the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing on Saturday, the president called NYC “the hottest of all the hotspots.”

At my direction, 1,000 military personnel are deploying to New York City to assist where they’re needed the most. That’s the hottest of all the hotspots. New Jersey is right there, it’s right next to it and I don’t know if that’s overflow. But New Jersey, it’s a great state and it’s a very, it’s a crowded state also. Where you have people on top of people, it’s always tough. We’re bringing some of the ventilators. We got some for New Jersey just yesterday and we’re gonna bring them some more, including doctors. We’re getting doctors, nurses, respiratory specialists and other support workers. These are from the military. We’re taking people now out of our military. We’ve been doing it, but now we’re doing it on a larger basis.

President Donald Trump

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