Lutheran Life Villages looking for temporary workers


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — As some businesses are sending workers home due to COVID-19 concerns, others are asking for more help.

Lutheran Life Villages offers retirement living and health care for seniors. Some of that care is done in groups or with the help of family but as they have conformed to follow recommendations for preventing COVID-19, they found a need for extra help.

Lutheran Life Villages is doing its best to follow the social distancing recommendations put out by the government. That means fewer people gathered together and asking family members to stay out of the building for the time being. Between their five campuses, they have around 500 residents with needs ranging from independent living to skilled nursing and because they can no longer care for people in groups and relatives aren’t there to help, they find themselves needing a few extra hands.

“That just takes more people, and we also are checking everybody into our buildings and so that takes extra people to screen and make sure that we’re healthy coming into the buildings too,” said Alex Kiefer, President, and CEO of Lutheran Life Villages. A press release from Lutheran Life Villages said it could be a good opportunity for food service employees who are unable to work.

As for job requirements, they aren’t asking people to be trained, medical professionals. What they are looking for are people willing to help.

“We want caring hearts first,” said Kiefer. “Beyond that, we’ll teach. We’re not asking for complicated things. This isn’t direct care but we need help with meals; carrying meals to different parts of the building, we need help with our activity programs. We’ve broken them up quite a bit and so we want to keep our residents engaged as much as we can.”

While this is going on, they are trying to make it easier for residents to communicate with their loved ones. Recently, 25 iPads and some money to buy iPads were donated to allow residents to video call their families. Lutheran Life Villages is hoping to raise money to purchase more iPads to increase that accessibility.

“We can keep providing tools for our families and our residents to communicate. We all love Facetime and we’ve got wifi through a lot of our buildings so we can do that pretty easily and so iPads are a great way to get people to communicate when you can’t come in and visit.”

Lutheran Life Villages is also asking for videos of kids playing instruments or dancing to give residents something fun and different to entertain them.

“If your kids play some music or have a dance they like to do, we’re streaming together a bunch of those videos,” said Kiefer. “We’ve got some internal TV stations and so we’re able to put those together and broadcast them out onto those internal stations. We’d love to bring some of that into our buildings, too.”

You can find information on how to donate or send videos on Lutheran Life Villages’ Facebook page. You can apply for one of the temporary positions over on Lutheran Life Villages’ website.

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