Crossfit gym aims to accommodate members amid COVID-19 crisis


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – CrossFit Praus is taking the necessary precautions to protect their members and employees by extra cleaning, regulating class sizes and offering at-home options.

“If they are not comfortable coming, reach out to me,” said Misty Wallin, owner of CrossFit Praus. “I’ll send you some workouts you can do at home, without equipment, just body weight movement.”

People across the globe are at war with the COVID-19 virus. With the recommendation of people to stay at home and avoid large crowds, Wallin is making accommodations for those worried about going to the gym.

“We have a private Facebook page for just our members, we’ll post workouts and things like that they can do at home,” said Wallin. “We got some other options that we can do virtually with people. We are looking into a lot of options to make sure they stay as active as they possibly can over the next few weeks as we try to combat this as much as possible.”

These alternatives are also offered if the gym is forced to close due to the coronavirus. The state of Ohio announced Monday the closing of all of its gyms across the state. Praus member and coach Lindsey Motl is a little concern that Indiana is next.

“I hope it doesn’t happen , because this is where I spend most of my free time. I have been having some bigger goals with my competitions and fitness,” said Motl. “It makes me a little bit nervous because I have been seeing a lot of progress here that I don’t want to see suffer.”

For now, CrossFit Praus is still open and is taking the necessary precautions to protect their employees and gym members. Wallin says that the gym already cleaned their floors weekly and bathrooms daily, but now the floors are cleaned every night and the bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a day. She says that she wants her members to stay active, happy and healthy and wants to prevent anyone from transporting any germs from the gym to love ones. To do this, there are other safety measures in effect.

“We have people clean up if they sweat or something like that, they were always required to do that, now it’s anything that anyone touches,” said Wallin. “Regardless of what it is, whether you sweat it or not or even if you just move it, you have to clean it.”

Wallin added that members are requested to wash their hands before they come in the door and before they leave. Praus also limited its class sizes to abide by the 6-foot distance rule.

According to Motl, Praus is a strong community that can combat this pandemic, but she wants everyone to remember their fitness goals during this time.

“Just do the best that you can, don’t let your fitness goals run off the rail there is a lot of online stuff that you can do and still maintain you level of healthiness,” said Molt.

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