INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – All but one county across Indiana is under the highest levels of community COVID-19 spread.

On Wednesday, Indiana’s Department of Health (IDOH) updated the weekly metrics map, which details the level of community spread by county. As of now, the map is used as a reference point for local health departments to determine if action should be taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

This week, 22 counties are in “red,” the highest category for community spread. 69 counties are in the next tier, “orange,” with one in yellow.

Last week, 21 counties were in red, 68 were in orange, and the remaining three were in yellow.

In northeast Indiana, one county is in red. 13 counties are in orange and none are in yellow. DeKalb county, which was in “red” last week, improved to “orange.” However, LaGrange County worsened from “yellow” to “orange.” Last week, two counties were in “red,” 11 counties were in “orange,” and three were in “yellow.”

On Wednesday, Indiana’s Department of Health reported an additional 4,733 new COVID-19 cases and 68 new deaths. Allen County reported 248 new COVID-19 cases and two additional deaths on Wednesday.