Farmhouse Living Fair; first fair in U.S. to open at full capacity since pandemic


ANGOLA, Ind. (WANE) —  The Farmhouse Living Fair is the first fair in the country to take place at full capacity since the coronavirus pandemic began—  according to Genatek Global, who says this is possible thanks to their new device the GT1000.

“[The] fair kept bringing proposals up to the state and county and kept getting denied, but once they included our GT1000 in their proposals it was approved for full capacity,” said Hannah Weigand, Public Relations and Marketing Director for Genetak Global.

The fair, that runs Sept. 11-13 at Buck Lake Ranch in Angola, expects to have over 10,000 attendees.

Weigand said the key feature of Genetak Global’s “all in one” units is prevention.

So how to do the GT1000 units work?

“You walk up, it detects if you’re wearing a face mask, it checks your temperature, you then get automatic hand sanitizer,” said Wiegand. “You walk through what’s called our ‘purification booth,’ a fog micro mist that is a Hypochlorous solution that kills 99 percent of pathogens.”

According to Genatek Global’s website, the solution used in the mist has been in the national water supply since 2004 and is also used to sanitize food products across the country.

In total, the process only takes about 10 to 15 seconds.

“Our end game is to make people feel safe again,” said Wiegand. “It’s the difference between having a fair at full capacity or not having a fair at all.”

The company believes the use of these devices will go beyond COVID-19.

“This is flu season, cold season, germs will forever be on our mind now more than ever,” said Weigland.

Johnny Cooper, the President of Genatek Global said that moving forward, he believes consumers everywhere are going to demand a cleaner, more sterile environment.

“Take a grade school for example, kids pass germs so things like this will actually assist in that,” said Cooper. “Just think if every student had to at least sanitize the hands and make sure that they don’t have a temperature when they enter school. That’s an important thing.”

For more information about the GT1000 you can visit Genatek Global’s website.

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