Event venues prepare for busier wedding season as restrictions lift


WABASH, Ind. (WANE) — In the last year, couples have had to scale down, push back or even cancel their big day. However, as COVID restrictions continue to lift and people become more comfortable being in crowds events venues are expecting wedding season to pick back up.

Much the same as the rest of the world 2020 did not go the way the Honeywell Foundation expected.

“We actually booked a lot of weddings,” said Afla Irani, Chief Hospitality Officer for the Honeywell Foundation. “We, unfortunately, couldn’t do too many just because of COVID.”

However, this year as more people are vaccinated and county positivity rates stay low things are starting to pick up for venues.

“It’s kind of been a year of not knowing what people want, how people are going to do things, it’s just getting right back into the action,” said Irani. “I love that energy that comes with 150 people that will, like the Legacy hall, 350 people just having fun dancing drinking enjoying themselves just that excitement, it gives me a rush.”

But the return of weddings is not without concern. Now, along with table settings and song choices, couples are looking for reassurance that they can celebrate with little risk.

“They want to be safe,” Irani said. “That’s the most important thing they’re looking for, how can we enjoy yourself, have the day of our life, and at the same time make sure that everybody that comes is safe.”

Although heavier venue restrictions may no longer be in place, some venues easing wedding worries by opting to keep the options made available specifically in response to the pandemic.

“The chef that cooks are the ones who place all the food on the plate for you and hand you the plate at the end of the line, all the tables are socially distanced six feet apart, we don’t put one in six people around each table we have standardized stations set up everywhere.”

Along with safety… Irani tells us couples are still looking to have a unique experience.

“You have a story to tell,” said Irani. “It doesn’t matter what event, but weddings in particular, people like that history part. They like a little twist to what they are trying to do.”

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