Does COVID-19 cause fertility problems for men?


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – As health experts continue to study COVID-19 and how it affects people, more information is being gathered on the types of side effects seen in long-term patients.

The most common symptoms seen with these “long-haulers” center around respiratory issues, pain and fatigue.

Now, studies are showing COVID-19 may hurt a man’s sexual health.

New research is showing that men who become infected with COVID-19 may develop issues with infertility and sexual performance. One study from this past March suggests that men could develop erectile dysfunction (ED) if they contract the virus. Another study found that the virus could result in swelling or pain to a man’s reproductive organs like the testicles.

Allen County Health Commissioner Matthew Sutter also says there are signs that men could run into fertility issues if they contract the virus.

Many vaccine skeptics argue the vaccines actually cause fertility issues. This is not the case.

Dr. Sutter mentioned a number of studies have been conducted over a male’s fertility levels after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Results indicate the vaccine does not impact a male’s fertility levels or sexual performance.

“So far there’s been no change in sperm production or the quality of that sperm,” Dr. Sutter said. “So far this is all in the infections.”

When it comes to women, Dr. Sutter says there has not been strong evidence that women could develop fertility issues if they get COVID-19 or the vaccine.

Considering what is now known about the long-term side effects of COVID-19, Dr. Sutter implores those who remain unvaccinated to get their shots.

“COVID-19 infection causes much worse things than anything that’s experienced with the vaccine,” Dr. Sutter said. “Those include things like heart conditions, myocarditis, nerve problems, long-term fatigue, all in addition to the very serious respiratory things we’ve seen with COVID-19 infection.”

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