Bowen Center therapist offers advice for families weighing whether to get their kids vaccinated


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Now that Hoosiers 16 and older are eligible for a vaccine, some families are wondering if they should schedule an appointment for their children.

Those conversations will continue to be more common in the coming months as kids as young as 12 may be eligible for Pfizer’s vaccine by this summer.

Not all families will be aligned on this issue. There may be instances where a child wants to get vaccinated when their parents do not. Bowen Center Therapist Josslyn Carder encourages parents and their kids to be honest with one another.

“Parents, be open to what your kids have to say, and just understand you’re not always going to align on views with your children,” Carder said.

On the other side, there may be instances where parents are in favor of getting their kids vaccinated and their child might not. Parents can take a collaborative approach to help their child weigh the pro’s and con’s of getting a vaccine. Using that approach builds a stronger relationship between families.

If there are disagreements within a family, Carder encourages families to not let that friction escalate. She suggests families use “I feel” statements to explain how they feel about this issue without being disrespectful. Carder also encourages families to hit pause and revisit the conversation later if emotions run high.

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