Allen County Department of Health: Highest number of reported cases seen Wednesday


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Allen County Department of Health says Wednesday is the highest number of reported COVID-19 cases it has seen in one day. The total number of new cases stands at 25.

However, the department says it may not be because cases are spreading.

“We’ve also increased testing. You know we have a drive-thru clinic, those test results are starting to come through. So I don’t want to say it is spreading more quickly here, but as our testing improves, our number of positives will improve, and we’ll get more of those cases,” says Erika Pitcher, director of community health with the Allen County Department of Health.

That data and increased testing also are factors in whether we’ve seen our peak, or not.

“I think it’s a good indicator that we haven’t peaked yet. I don’t know, you know I’ve heard several different models saying that we could be peaking at the end of this month. They’re all just projections. So it’s really hard for me to say, especially when we have another variable that’s added in with the increased availability of testing at the drive-thru sites. So, I honestly don’t feel comfortable with those two variables, with the increased data and the increased availability and testing, to say how much of an impact that would have on our peak,” says Pitcher.

WANE 15 asked if we’ll be seeing the number of recoveries for the county. The health department says it is working on getting those numbers, and we could see them as early as next week.

Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Deb McMahan also touched upon stigmas surrounding positive cases. As cases are identified in jails, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities, she says don’t blame certain people.

“In this situation, a bad outcome doesn’t mean somebody did something wrong. You are dealing with a virulent virus that that is highly infectious, and everything we’re doing is preventing transmission. We can’t negate it,” says Dr. McMahan.

The health department spoke about mental health, too. Dr. Richard Ruhrhold with the Bowen Center explained it’s okay to feel anxious right now. He says you should pay attention to the present moment, and limit your worry of the future.

Dr. McMahan added, if you need help, don’t wait.

“These are biological problems that are being expressed through emotion and feelings, and those sorts of things. But they need to addressed appropriately, or six months from now we’re going to have an economy that’s going to need to recover, and a lot of people that will be in recovery…You need to know when enough is enough, and you need to address it appropriately.”

The health department encourages people to reach out to their employer to see if they have telehealth services available. Or, click here for a list of available resources in our community.

Another medical professional on the web conference wanted to remind parents that cloth masks should not be used on children under 2, due to them possibly falling asleep with them on. Dr. McMahan reiterated everyone else should be wearing one in public.

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