Allen County Department of Health releases latest COVID-19 update


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – On the first day of the “stay in your place with a smile on your face”, Allen County Department of Health gave an update on the current status of COVID-19 in the area.

The Indiana State Department of Health stated that there are 112 new cases. In total there are 477 cases, including Tuesday’s case from DeKalb county. The number of deaths is now 14 and so far, more than 3,300 Hoosiers have been tested.

The health department stresses that we need to stop the spread. According to Dr. James Cameron, the Executive Board of Health, if the spread does not slow down, hospitals will become overwhelmed, including the Intensive Care Unit.

Health Commissioner explained updated symptoms

Health Commissioner Dr. Deb McMahan gave an update on the symptoms. Unlike the flu, COVID-19 is difficult to self diagnose. According to the most recent national data, the fever was present in 99% of the people who were diagnosed.

“For older folks it’s harder to generate a fever, so that might not be a presenting sign in older adults,” said Dr. McMahan.

Another symptom is profound fatigue, Dr. McMahan said about 70 percent of the cases suffered from profound fatigue. She added that roughly a third of patients suffered from shortness of breath.

As the virus develops more the new symptoms are being monitored.

“A fair amount of people are now presenting with diarrhea,” said Dr. McMahan. “We also have been hearing that it is affecting taste and smell.”

What to do if you are sick

Allen County Department of Health’sDirector of Community Health and Case Management said, even if someone is not a laboratory-confirmed COVID case, the patient should still self isolate.

Listen to the video below, to hear Erika Pitcher explain what to do if you believe you are sick due to COVID-19.

Epidemiology Update

For more information, visit the Allen County Department of Health’s website.

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