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Cancer Care

When it comes to cancer care, most think radiation and chemo therapy, but at Goshen Health’s Center for Cancer Care, they’re going beyond the traditional route.

Blending noninvasive, natural therapies with conventional treatments make up integrative therapy offered at the Goshen  Center for Cancer Care, and the best part, it’s free to cancer patients.

“If there was an extra charge, most patients might put their quality of life as second tier to cancer treatment.  But we see that patients do so much better when they have these services, and that’s why we don’t charge for them,” says Dr. Emily Moore, and naturopathic doctor.

the Goshen Center for Cancer Care offers 5 different types of integrative therapy:

            -Acupuncture Therapy

            -Mind-body healing

            -Naturopathic Medicine

            -Nutrition Therapy

            -And supportive services

About 75% of Goshen Center for Cancer Care patients utilizes integrative therapies, which uses scientific evidence to choose the best method of care for each patient.

“Naturopathic doctors at the Cancer Center help patients wade through all the information that’s out there, natural medicines, alternative therapies, vitamins, supplements. Our goal is to provide evidence based recommendations to help patients as they go through their cancer journey reducing side effects of treatments, as well,” says Dr. Moore.

Looking at each patient as whole person is one unique part of the Goshen Center for Cancer Care. That’s why each part of the integrative therapies is located under one roof with a patient’s oncologists.

“So we’re involved in meetings everyday discussing patient’s care. So, we’re communicating and it’s not up to the patient to keep everybody in the loop.”

Between the acupuncture and providing quality supplement recommendations that won’t interfere with cancer treatment, the Cancer Care Center focuses on reducing patient stress, strengthening their body, and coping with side effects.

“I think the collaborative environment at the Goshen Center for Cancer Care really emphasizes the patient, what’s best for the patient.  The integrative team is there to improve quality of life and I think that is beneficial for anybody who is going through any kind of treatment.”

To learn more about integrative therapy at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, click here.

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