What Could Go Wrong?: New Book SH!T-FOR-LUCK MEMOIRS Offers Comic Relief For Those With Bad Luck

Author confirms the existence of Murphy’s Law in latest memoir from Palmetto Publishing

Charletson, SC, Jan. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We all experience the occasional stroke of bad luck in life, but for L.A. Telgen, bad luck is a series regular. 

A self-proclaimed poster child for Murphy’s Law, Telgen’s predisposition for misfortunate borders on the absurd. So why fight it? Instead, Telgen chooses to embrace it with positivity and a sizeable sense of humor. 

In Sh!t-For-Luck Memoirs, Telgen reflects on her complicated history with bad luck with self-deprecation and grace, from caring for her aging parents to personal health challenges and car trouble. Telgen’s powerful perspective shines throughout, and readers will appreciate her wittiness and empathize with her everyday frustrations. But underneath the comedy act is an optimist at heart. Despite thinking it's all bad luck all the time, Telgen knows things always have a way of working out. And as she is quick to point out, things can always get worse. And with any luck, her bad luck will hold out, and there will be more books to come. 

Sh!t-For-Luck Memoirs is available for purchase online at

About the Author:

L.A. Telgen grew up on Long Island, New York. In 1980, she moved to Florida with her family when her father was transferred with Pan American Airways, and in 1992, she moved to Colorado three weeks before Hurricane Andrew hit. Her next adventure is to purchase a tiny house and do as the Canadians do – follow the seasons. But rather than travel north and south, she plans to travel east for the winter and west for the summer. She is looking forward to no more yard work, no more property taxes, and no more home upkeep headaches. 


Leah Joseph
Palmetto Publishing
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