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PCBPit, a Specialized PCB Assembly Manufacturer, Announces a New Production Line in Shenzhen, China

Screenshot of PCBPit homepage

Screenshot of PCBPit homepage

PCBPit, a Specialized PCB Assembly Manufacturer, Announces a New Production Line in Shenzhen, China

SHENZHEN, CHINA, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- PCBPit, a specialized manufacturer of PCB prototypes and PCB assembly services, announced today the establishment of a new production line in Shenzhen, China, marking a strategic expansion in its manufacturing capabilities.

Dedicated to PCB prototype manufacturing, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly services, PCBPit handles complex PCB designs and conceptualizes high-performance printed circuit boards. The company is equipped with a skilled team of engineers who specialize in converting intricate designs into operational hardware. The complexity and quantity of orders determine the turnaround time, with basic prototypes being completed within a matter of days.

PCBPit's commitment to quality is evident through the rigorous quality assurance processes implemented throughout the production journey. The company adheres to international standards, ensuring its products meet the highest levels of quality and performance. Each PCB undergoes thorough functional testing before shipment, ensuring the utmost consistency and reliability.

The new Shenzhen production line strengthens PCBPit's commitment to providing comprehensive PCB design services, accepting a variety of formats including Gerber files for PCB design files. PCBPit continues to offer prompt quotations for PCB fabrication, efficiently managing high-volume orders at PCBPit.

PCBPit remains committed to green and environmentally-friendly standards, providing RoHS compliant PCBA. With this new production line, the company ensures a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable production process.

For more information or enquiries about the new production line and services, please contact:

Alex Pan
Whatsapp: +1(213)242-6018
Skype:+86 13277912251
Email: sales@pcbpit.com

Alex Pan
+ +86 13277912251
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